7 Benefits of tricycles for babies

You already knew that baby tricycles are a lot of fun. But did you know that using them can have enormous benefits for your child’s development? And the benefits go far beyond simply allowing a child to release energy by driving them, they also allow for the development of other skills, such as:

  1. Improving and strengthening of the respiratory, cardiovascular and muscular system.
  2. Improving balance and motor skills.
  3. Improving spatial awareness.
  4. Gaining security and independence.
  5. Releasing energy.
  6. Breathing in fresh air.
  7. Strengthening social and family ties.

7 Benefits of tricycles for babies

Now that you know these, we’ll have a closer look! What are you waiting for?  Start enjoying these benefits with your little one!

1. Improving and strengthening of the respiratory, cardiovascular and muscular system

Thanks to pedalling, using a tricycle helps improve and strengthen muscle tone, especially leg muscles. But don’t forget that due to the posture needed to pedal, which can be supported with a harness, the baby will develop core muscles and straighten their trunk into the correct position.

Beneficios de los triciclos para bebés

On the other hand, pedalling is a basic physical exercise. So, like any other type of exercise, it activates circulation and increases heart rate. This will make your baby’s heart develop properly and improve its performance. As a direct consequence of exercising, a baby will be able to improve their breathing which will better oxygenate the brain.

2. Improving balance and motor skills

Although baby trikes have 3 wheels and a low centre of gravity, children still learn that in order to feel completely secure and stop themselves from falling they must sit in a certain way and put their feet at a certain point. They also learn that they should limit the movement of the steering wheel so as not to fall.

This need to control the arms and hands for steering whilst simultaneously moving the feet to go forwards will increase and improve motor skills.

3. Improving spatial awareness

Baby trikes encourage children to take in all of their surroundings and to have a wide field of vision. Therefore, they improve their awareness.  Additionally, when a child is pedalling and steering the trike their spatial awareness improves as they acquire notions of space and distance – they learn to dodge obstacles, change direction, when to brake and when to push off… In essence, they must pay attention to their surroundings.

4. Gaining security and independence

As soon as children see that they are capable of directing and controlling the tricycle on their own and without the help of an adult, their sense of security and confidence in themselves increases, along with their independence.

Beneficios de los triciclos
These values are reinforced further using an evolving tricycle, because the tot is aware of the final stages of this evolution and is aware of the moment in which he has a “tricycle for a big kid”.

5. Releasing energy

Children never sit still! At home, at the park, at school…they are always looking for a way to channel their excess energy and a tricycle is a fantastic way to do this. The best thing is that a lot of baby trikes have wheels made of soft and silent materials. This allows them to be used in the house, without making a racket, on days when you can’t get out to the park.

Moreover, as this is a physical activity, their sleep quality will improve. After a long adventure they are sure to fall into a deep sleep!

Beneficios de los triciclos

6. Outdoor exercise

Nowadays it seems difficult to find an activity that kids can do outdoors leaving behind the more sedentary activities. But, with a tricycle, you have the perfect excuse to go to the park, to take a walk or to take your little one with you everywhere.  Enjoying the outdoors is much simpler.

7. Strengthening social and family ties

If you were looking to spend as much time as possible with your child, in a comfortable and fun way, a baby tricycle is just what you need. Especially, if it is an evolving tricycle. The reason is that with this type of trike, your baby can accompany you everywhere, strengthening your bond.

Lastly, a tricycle is an opportunity for the kids to make new friends in the park, invent new games together, race each other… This will make it easier for them to socialize with other kids

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