Activities with babies. Fun is guaranteed!

Activities with babies are a part of learning to be a parent and they are the best way for little ones to discover the world. It’s important you experience them together as a family so you have some great memories to share.

Here are some activities you can enjoy with your baby. They include indoor and outdoor activities. Remember that it’s important all members of the family get involved, wherever the activity is. Let the fun begin!

The best activities with babies

Here are activities with babies that you can enjoy with your little tyke. What will your next adventure together involve?

Enjoy the fresh air

Outdoor activities are vital for your baby’s health. The sun on his or her skin and the fresh air filling his or her lungs will strengthen the body’s natural defences.

Grab your bag filled with your baby’s essentials and make sure you have a blanket you can spread out on the grass in the park or garden you’re visiting and lie down together and relax. You can take some stunning photos with the great natural light too.

If you already have children, ask them to decide what game to play with your baby. This encourages friendship and strong relationships between siblings. There’s no time for boredom when kids are having fun!

The best plans with babies

It’s increasingly common for cities and towns to organise games, concerts and workshops for children at the weekend. Kids love them and your baby will be fascinated by everything he or she can see. They stimulate your baby’s development and are a great chance to share a family experience.

Activities with babies at home

“There’s no place like home”. We’re sure you’ve heard this many times before. There are thousands of options in terms of activities with babies at home. Bath time for your baby is a time for playing. If you get all the family together it will be even more fun.

The kitchen is another playground and even if your baby isn’t yet eating solid foods that’s no excuse not to spend some time together here.

Make sure to find a day on which you can all get together to prepare a meal. Sit your baby in their pram or pushchair and put some food in their hands so they can familiarise themselves with new textures. Everything is a wonderful adventure to babies!

You must have seen a video of a baby laughing non-stop at the faces or gestures their parents or siblings make. Their happiness is contagious and it’s impossible not to laugh too! Hold your baby, sit down on the sofa and tickle him or her or make funny faces. Watch as they laugh and you’ll have a wonderful time together.

activities with babies at home

Arts and crafts

Why not turn a section of floor into a canvas? You must have paper and colouring pencils or crayons at home, right? Sit down and colour in or simply draw lines. It doesn’t matter if drawing isn’t your strong point, it’s about spending time as a family.

Lights, camera, action!

Both young and old enjoy kids’ movies, and the warmth of these stories creates an ideal family atmosphere. Even though your baby won’t understand what’s going on in the story, he or she will perceive the changes in tone, sounds and music.

Grab a dummy for your baby and some popcorn for the rest of you, dim the lights and get comfortable. Remember to put your phones on silent or switch them off so nothing interrupts your viewing.

What about a theme park?

Although technically you’ll have to leave home, the fun continues inside… a theme park. At theme parks you don’t need to think: simply decide which activity or game you want to try. There is a theme park you can visit with your family in the majority of Spanish cities.

Nature parks are very popular and possibly the most ideal if you will be visiting with a baby as many of them have places where you can go for walks with a pram or in your own vehicle inside the area. Why not jump on a merry-go-round? They’re not very fast and your baby can enjoy the ride from the safety of mum or dad’s arms.

Cafés with a soft play area

These are growing in popularity. Having a baby doesn’t mean you have to stop visiting your favourite café for a piece of cake and a nice cappuccino. Many have soft play areas where babies can crawl and play as well as make new friends.

These places have safety measures to ensure your baby is completely safe, including rubber floors and soft toys suitable for all ages. So go get your tricycle and head for your nearest café!

Cafés with a soft play area

Activities with babies: time to have fun!

We know children aren’t little forever but family activities have multiple benefits for their growth: they offer them security, they make them sociable people and their laughter will become unforgettable memories!

If you enjoyed this article, remember to share it and leave us a comment telling us about your favourite activity with your baby. Have fun with your little one!

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