Advice for safe co-sleeping

How can you practice safe co-sleeping? It’s really simple! This article outlines our best pieces of advice on how to do so without any risks. By following these recommendations you’ll be able to sleep together with your little one with peace of mind, thanks to safe co-sleeping. In addition, we’ve detailed the benefits. Do you want try it out? Follow our recommendations!

How to practice safe co-sleeping

Many parents decide to sleep with their children during their first months of life. For this reason, it’s worth being aware of and considering the recommendations so you can do so safely. That way, there will be no risk to your baby’s health. Take note and follow advice!

The surface on which your baby sleeps should be firm

One of the most important recommendations you must follow is to choose the correct surface for your little one to sleep on. It must be completely firm, with no exceptions. Pillows, cushions and toys are prohibited as they can hinder correct breathing. We recommend you use sheets or blankets instead of soft mattresses or duvets. This is key to both of you getting a good night’s rest!

The market is full of side-sleeping cribs that can be joined to your bed. They all meet the requirements necessary for co-sleeping. This way, your baby is by your side but with an exclusive, comfortable space of their own with nothing to bother them. Make sure it’s at the same height as your bed!

Lie your baby on their back

Never lie your baby face down or on their side! The best position for your baby is sleeping on their back with their head turned to the side. This way, there won’t be any problems when they’re sleeping.

Have you thought about sleeping with your baby in your arms? Don’t do it! When you fall asleep you have no control over your body. This means if you make a sudden movement without realising this may involve a great risk to your child.

Safe co-sleeping

Control the room temperature

Paying attention to the temperature of the room in which you are co-sleeping is very important. It shouldn’t be too hot or too cold. Similarly, don’t dress your baby in too many clothes or take off too many layers. The midway point is best!

Smoking where you will be sleeping is completely prohibited. As you can imagine, the smoke you exhale causes a change in room temperature so there’s no better time to quit smoking!

When your baby grows add protective barriers to your bed!

As your baby grows they will be more at risk of falling during co-sleeping. Why? Because they will start developing the ability to move and turn more suddenly. We recommend you add special barriers around the area where you will be co-sleeping to prevent risks.

The space between the barrier and mattress must be as small as possible to ensure your child cannot fit any of their extremities in between them and get them stuck. Safety first!

Soothe your baby with massages

Benefits of safe co-sleeping

Have you taken note of our advice for perfect co-sleeping? By following our recommendations you won’t have any problems when co-sleeping with your baby. On the contrary, you’ll both enjoy a multitude of benefits! Did you think about that? Here are some of them!

Your baby’s quality of sleep will increase

Do you know why your baby’s quality of sleep increases with co-sleeping? It’s proven that babies who sleep with parents cry much less than those who sleep alone. For this reason, their level of well-being increases and it fosters good sleep habits.

In addition, your baby learns to sleep well. Do you know why? It’s thanks to the trust generated from being able to sleep without being in a state of fear or insecurity. By sleeping by your side at night, one day they will want to be in their own room and they won’t be afraid to be alone as, subconsciously, a secure bond will have been formed. What do you think?

The parent-child bond is strengthened

You’ll definitely have thought this. And it’s true! With co-sleeping, the parent-child relationship improves. It’s a way to regain time together if work occupies you in the morning. It’s the perfect way to get back some time with your little one. It’s important to share more moments of physical and emotional contact with your baby in order to build an unbeatable relationship.

The parent-child bond is strengthened

You relaxation will notably improve

We’ve already mentioned how your child’s sleep will improve, but the best thing is yours will too. Thanks to co-sleeping, you can attend to your child at night without having to get up. Furthermore, as mentioned previously, your baby will cry much less than they would sleeping alone. Your body will thank you for it!

Have you decided to try safe co-sleeping with your child? What are you waiting for?

It’s the right decision! The longer you do so, the more you will notice its benefits for your baby and your body. Do you have any other recommendations for safe co-sleeping? Let us know in the comments! Together we can build the perfect guide so there are no risks. Come on!

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