Are you looking for the best all-terrain pushchair? QPlay Rito Air!

In this post we will focus on the features of our all-terrain tricycle, QPlay Rito Air. We will highlight its pneumatic wheels, as well as the fact it is foldable and evolving, characteristics which make it perfect for continually accompanying children and becoming their travel buddy. Finally, we will detail the benefits kids can enjoy with it, such as muscle development. Want to find out more?

Discover the features of the QPlay all-terrain pushchair

At QPlay we create tricycles to ensure children have fun and adults are comfortable. Now we’ve established the bases for the types of products we offer, have you heard about evolving tricycles for your baby? Let us explain!

The most versatile, all-terrain, evolving baby tricycle!

You’ll love these two features: all-terrain and evolving. On the one hand, it has inflatable pneumatic wheels that will adapt to the vast majority of surfaces, including kerbs, irregular pavements and terrain, paving undergoing work, and more. On the other hand, ‘evolving tricycle’ refers to the fact that this product is specially designed to grow alongside your child, from their first months of life to three years old. It will more than pay for itself!

The advantages, for now, are that the QPlay Rito Air pushchair absorbs the rattling caused by the terrain surface and it offers additional security for children and parents alike. How does that sound?

Features of the QPlay all-terrain

Light and a fabulous design: the perfect finish!

A frequently asked question is, how much does it weigh? For your peace of mind, we can tell you that – thanks to its main materials (aluminium, PP, PVC and ABS) – it weighs barely 10 kilograms! It can carry up to 25 kilograms of weight. It can easily accommodate your bag, your baby’s changing bag or even your day’s shopping in the lower tray. Consequently, all you need to do is simply push it; you won’t have to worry about having to personally carry extra items.

In terms of design, we’ve considered everything to ensure your walks are as comfortable as possible. The QPlay Rito Air all-terrain pushchair includes a removable hood with ultra-violet (UV) protection, a reclining seat for the comfort of your child, and a telescopic push bar to assist parents. Additionally, it comes in blue, grey or red. Choose the colour you prefer!

Easy-fold system: fold it in just 15 seconds!

This design feature is so useful that we’ve decided to explain it separately. Your tricycle will allow you to make full use of your home’s usual spaces. Furthermore, it will be your best ally when travelling as you’ll easily be able to transport it in the boot of your vehicle. Surprised? There’s more!

Easy-fold system

Safety and comfort, two essentials for your child!

Here at QPlay we fully support safety in all of our products. This pushchair offers babies protection, which equates to peace of mind for parents. And ain’t that the truth!

We recommend you focus on the essential safety systems: adjustable belt, UV-protection hood, brake systems for the wheels, and anti-slide pedals. The brake system in the rear wheels helps parents to stay in control of the tricycle on steep streets. And the anti-slide pedals mean your child won’t slide about when the tricycle is pushed up and down hills.

The QPlay Rito Air tricycle has a reclining back support to help your baby sleep during walks. It will also help keep your child protected from the sun with its extendible, removable hood with UV-protection fabric. Your child will sleep like a log!

Benefits for children

Tricycles are really fun but they also have many benefits. What do we mean? Find out below!

Benefits for children

It improves the muscle, respiratory and cardiovascular systems

Pedalling is the perfect incentive to introduce your child to sport. He or she will improve muscle tone in their legs. It also helps your baby’s torso acquire a straight posture as he or she seeks to keep their balance at all times. In addition, all forms of physical exercise will improve breathing and activate circulation. Get pedalling!

It encourages balance

Children will learn to control the steering wheel and how it turns. They will also sit down in determination, aiming to keep their balance and avoid falling off. This all leads to the perfect early introduction to a future bicycle. They’re learning to drive!

It stimulates spatial awareness and attention

Tricycles encourage children to develop their field of vision as they must constantly pay attention to everything around them. Similarly, they will start to measure distances and acquire a notion of space.

Now you know about our all-terrain pushchair. Any questions?

So we’ve told you about all the features of the QPlay Rito Air all-terrain tricycle, which adapts to any surface thanks to its pneumatic wheels, among many other characteristics. If you have any questions, let us know in the comments. We’re here to help!

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