Baby bag must-haves

How can something so small need so many things? If you have a little one you know what we’re talking about. Nappies, dummies, jars, a bottle, another bottle of water, wipes, bibs, a change of clothes in case they get dirty, creams, a jacket in case it gets cold … Babies can need many things during a walk.  That is why we parents need to leave the house well-equipped and without forgetting anything! To help, there is nothing better than carrying a good bag for the buggy where all these things have their space letting us carry them in a comfortable and practical way.

In this post we want to help you with this task, giving some advice on how best to organise your baby bag and a list of essentials to carry with you.

What makes a good baby bag?

When choosing a bag for the pram, there is a lot of choice between models, designs and features. Each brand prioritizes one of these over the others and we can sometimes feel overwhelmed by the amount of choice. So how can we know which bag suits us best? No matter which bag you decide to buy it should meet the following requirements. Take note!

1.  Pockets, pockets and more pockets!

We carry a lot of things in our baby bags. Therefore, it is good to find one where each item has its own space making it easier to find what we need when we need it without having to search through the bag!

It is also important that the inside of the bag is spacious because our babies need us to carry a lot of items and no one likes to have the zip open because it is too full to close.

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2. Comfortable, durable and washable

Baby bags for prams are usually heavy, not hard to see why with everything we have to carry! That’s why it’s important that the design offers you maximum comfort. Universal handles allow them to be hung from the buggy or can be adjusted to allow the bag to be hung from your back or over your shoulder.

Durability is another key component. We must keep in mind that this bag is going to be put through its paces. It will have to endure long walks where it may get dirty.  We also want the bag to last for many years. That is why it is important to look at the materials and fabrics used before buying a baby bag.

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3. Adapts to your needs

There are baby bags that have a spectacular design but, however, are not very useful. Therefore, before buying one, it is advisable to check all the compartments and extras that your baby bag includes. For example, portable changers will save us from more than one panic and is an accessory that many manufacturers already include in their bags. The same goes for the compartments and isothermal pockets, perfect for keeping everything at the perfect temperature! You can also find bags that incorporate a toiletry bag. It is great to keep these hygienic items away from the rest and avoid spills of liquids or ointments.

4. Works for your day to day

The design of the bag is also important. Excessively childish designs can clash with your day to day style or could clash if going to a special event. Therefore, it is better to opt for sober, more mature, designs. Ones which imitate the style of a normal bag are ideal for taking with us on a day to day basis.

What should you have with you in a baby bag?

Now that you know what requirements a baby bag should meet, let’s look at what essentials you should carry with you. We all know that you have to be very well-equipped to deal with any situation you may face whilst with your baby, but this can sometimes be confused with wanting to take everything. To avoid this, here is a list of essentials which cannot be missed out whilst packing your baby bag.

1.    The changing mat is vital as it can save us from a panic and allow us to make sure that when changing the baby, the surface is always hygienic and clean. If your pram bag has the space to store one of these, well, panic over!

2.    Nappies are also essential, but instead of taking a full packet, try and calculate how many you will need depending on how long you’ll be out of the house. This will save a lot of space! Also make sure to pack some wet wipes!

3.    Babies have a habit of getting dirty, so a change of clothes will be your best friend!

4.    It is also important to carry everything you need to feed baby away from home: baby bottle, water, jars, milk powder, utensils. A good tip would be to carry some extra plastic bags to store the dirty utensils so that they don’t stain everything else. And to avoid using the change of clothes, don’t forget the bib!

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5.    When we go for a walk, it is essential to bring a jacket or a small blanket in case the temperature changes. Or in case you enter somewhere with enthusiastic air conditioning.

6.    A small toy to keep the little one entertained or to calm them down when they get fussy or start crying is essential.

7.    If its summer, don’t leave home without a hat and sun cream. If your pram has a parasol or a canopy, this will keep them extra safe from the sun!

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