Baby clothes: what are the most suitable options?

As a pregnancy develops, the same question always arises: what baby clothes are best? Look no further. You’re in the right place! Here you will find a comprehensive guide to the essentials for your baby. Of course, it goes without saying that everyone is different and each mother will have their own preferences, but there are certain pieces of advice that will make life easier during your baby’s first days. Pay attention!

Baby clothing essentials

It’s time to understand the clothes, fabrics and accessories you should consider during a baby’s first months of life. Grab a pen, paper and take note!

Baby clothing essentials

Bodysuits: the most important item!

If there is one item that is truly essential among all the baby clothes available, it’s the bodysuit. And of course, you’ll need more than one. Bodysuits are the item of clothing your baby should always wear beneath their clothes, both during the day and at night. You’ll find them with straps and with short or long sleeves. Furthermore, there are warmer options and more summery choices as you should have some for each season of the year.

Although it’s true that a bodysuit may be the best ally for an experienced mother, it can also pose quite the headache for a first-time mum. You will need to control your baby in order to dress them correctly but don’t worry! Practice makes perfect! However, if you don’t yet have much practice we recommend crossover bodysuits as they open fully and are tied at the front, normally with a few clicks. Additionally, it’s even better if they have poppers at both the front and between the baby’s legs to make changing a nappy a much simpler task.

And what about fabric? This is a very important aspect as this item of clothing comes into direct contact with your baby’s skin. We recommend good quality cotton so as not to irritate the skin. Consequently, you’ll ensure your baby is as comfortable as possible.

Be careful with sizes! We know it’s complicated, but the best size for a newborn is 0-1, meaning 0 to 1 month. However, if the size is in centimetres you should avoid size 48 as it may be too small for your baby. Size 50 or 52 is the most suitable for a baby born at average size.

All-in-one baby clothes

All-in-one baby clothes

Try to forget about complicated clothing and many layers. This will make handling your baby so much more difficult when it comes to changing their nappy and putting on their clothes again.

As such, the most recommended item of clothing when you want your little one to look smart is an all-in-one outfit, with feet included. They don’t get crushed, nor do they move around and let your baby get cold. In short, they will provide your baby with maximum comfort!

What about shoes?

First-time mothers love dressing their baby like a teenager, with t-shirts, jeans and the latest trainers. Have you ever stopped to think why babies’ shoes fall off so often? Because their feet aren’t yet fully formed.

The best thing to do is leave the cute shoes for later. During your baby’s first months of life it’s better to use all-in-one outfits, as mentioned above, leggings and even tights. Are you noting this down?

Bibs, cloths and other accessories

These accessories can be highly useful, or the complete opposite if you don’t know how to use them correctly or they don’t suit your baby. Buy several varieties of bib and cloth and try them out to see if you like them. If you do, you’ll know which ones work best for you and your baby. It’s important you don’t opt for the first one you find. Each baby is different and their skin will react in various ways depending on a product’s components. Remember that newborns have extremely sensitive skin and any unexpected item or product can irritate it.

Large muslin cloths are essential. They’re worth their weight in gold! They can cover a changing mat, be used as a pillow, clean your baby’s mouth… In short, it’s a multi-use cloth. It’s essential for all mothers with a newborn.

The best accessories for babies

Do you have other recommendations as to which baby clothes and accessories are best? Let us know!

These are the main essentials you must consider when buying baby clothes. However, we recommend you ask the mothers you have around you. They’ll be able to let you in on their best secrets and what worked for them!

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