Baby seats and evolving tricycles. What am I looking for?

Baby seats or evolutionary tricycles? Which is the best option? In this article we will reveal the advantages and disadvantages of the baby buggy and the evolutionary tricycle.

When a new member arrives in the family, all we want is to give them the best care. The safety, comfort and fun of the baby are the factors that most concern us. And questions and doubts begin to arrive.

What will be the best baby seat for the little one in the house? Is a baby buggy or an evolutionary tricycle better ? There are many differences.

In this article you will discover the differences between both options. So, you can make the best decision.

Baby seats and trycicles

Light and comfortable baby seats and tricycles for young and old

Comfort is one of the first factors to consider. When going for a walk it is very important that they are comfortable. Especially when they are small.

Both a baby buggy and a tricycle can provide all kinds of comforts. Everything depends on the model.

It is possible that during the first few months, a wider buggy is the most comfortable option. But keep in mind that very large baby buggies need a lot of space in the car to transport them. On the other hand, a tricycle can fit anywhere if we take apart a couple of things first.

Also, it’s always harder for your baby to get bored of being on the tricycle. Since you can pedal and play with them. And it is one less weight to carry. A lot of the time you won’t need to carry the tricycle. But you will find yourself carrying the buggy.

Although sometimes it depends on the model you choose. There are light buggies but there are also tricycles with hoods, made from comfortable materials and equipped with a safety harness.

Exercise or rest? Baby buggy or tricycle?

The baby buggies for a walk are a great option for the little one to rest. With the hood up and the padded chair, naps can last for hours!

Rest is very important for health. Of course. But, in this aspect, what are the advantages of the tricycle compared to baby buggies?

There are evolutionary tricycles in which your baby can relax. And the knowledge that with them they will be able to do physical activity when waking up is a great point in their favour.

The tricycles have many more benefits than you imagine .The physical effort of pedalling will help you exercise and develop their muscles. In addition, thanks to this activity, it will strengthen the heart and improve circulation. To this we must add that it will also help develop a sense of balance and trains coordination. And the baby will develop better reflexes. All at the same time they are simply having fun!

On the other hand, the tricycle will also give you a hand when it comes to channelling and spending their energy. A Godsend when it gets them to sleep through the night!

A little help when making friends

Even if you have an appropriate baby buggy, it is always harder for the little ones to learn to socialise whilst being in them. And what happens when children play in the park?

In this sense, evolutionary tricycles allow children to be much more independent. And they can play with other children when they have reached a certain age. No need for parents to be on top of them all the time. This will give them more self-confidence and help them improve their social skills.

Riding on the tricycle gives the opportunity to experience a new way of playing in the company of other children. This becomes a little more of a struggle when the children are in simple baby buggies.

Safety first!

Nowadays, tricycles also have all the necessary safety features so that the smallest of the house do not come into any danger.

It is true that there is always less risk of falls and crashes in a buggy equipped with a harness. But the tricycles have everything you need to have a great time without risk. When they are smaller they can stay in the chair with the harness. This works in the same way the one in the buggy does.   In addition, all metal parts are coated so they do not hurt themselves.

On the other hand, with the push bar of the tricycle you can help your little one when they start pedalling. A big advantage. And if they pedal alone, do not worry. The evolutionary tricycles are very stable and the chances of falling are very low.

Which option is more economical?

The price of buggies and evolutionary tricycles will depend on the model you choose.

Although the tricycle may seem more expensive, it will stay with you longer. And you can do many more activities with it. You can adapt it to the child’s age without problems. Removing and adding features is very useful. And adjusting the parts of the tricycle, depending on the situation, is another very favourable option.

That is to say, in the long run a tricycle will be much more economical than a baby buggy.

Baby buggy

Do you still have doubts?

You must keep in mind exactly what you are looking for. A safe and comfortable place to walk quietly with your little one. Or, on the other hand, maybe you prefer something for the long term. Something with which you can not only have fun, but also perform other activities.

Remember that tricycles are not just a way to transport your little one. Pedalling will become a game for them. An incredible activity that will encourage their physical exercise and improve their psycho-motor skills. And best of all, with the tricycle they will enjoy the outdoors.

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