Baby toys that are a success without a doubt

When we think of the first toys we are going to choose for our babies, we are inundated by an overwhelming number of possibilities. There are so many to choose from! Therefore, we present to you our guide for the best baby toys.

We will talk about toys for babies that will help them develop while having fun. We will explain the reason why they are good for them and we will give you recommendations so that you can choose the safest toys. Pay attention!

The best baby toys

A happy childhood full of good memories is what we all want for the little ones in the house. If these toys are also help in their development, this will make game time more fun and productive!

Help them discover the world with baby gyms

It is a must as far as baby toys are concerned. These are small rugs on which arches are raised with different toys and colourful elements hanging from them. They are perfect to stimulate the baby’s senses and develop their psycho-motor skills. And they can play both face up and face down. They will have a great time!

This type of toys helps babies strengthen their muscles. A help for when they start walking. A perfect gift for new members of the house!

Stuffed animals, the first friends of our children.

Many do not know the large number of benefits for children playing with stuffed animals. And is that these soft and furry friends are an unconditional support for them.

One of their main roles is to help them to separate from their parents. When they have to go to school or start sleeping alone, the stuffed animals will be their companions. They will make them feel accompanied at all times. It will be much easier for them!

Moreover, with stuffed animals they will practice their social skills: sharing, being patient and kind. With them they can also express themselves through gestures and activities.

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Cloth books to develop their senses

It is very important that children acquire a healthy habit of reading. Over time, this will facilitate their first tasks at school. But from what age? If your little one is barely one or two years old, reading is still far away. But, that is not an impediment to begin to familiarise them with books .

Cloth books allow them to develop their senses. Especially touch and sight. Colours and drawings will capture their full attention. Little by little, you can incorporate cloth books with letters, numbers and words. Some of these children’s toys even come with audio included!

Toys for babies

Rattles, a classic example of a baby toy

Perhaps this is one of the most common baby toys of all time. That’s right. Since it allows them to develop eye-hand coordination and memory.

Having a rattle with different sounds will help you associate each noise with a part of the routine. For example, a rattle with a certain sound for before the shower or before sleeping. Little by little, with these little tricks your baby will improve their psycho-motor skills and intelligence.

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Tricycles: exercise and non-stop fun

Is there anything more satisfying than spending the hours of outdoor play? The little ones in the house love the park, nature and being surrounded by other children.  In this sense, tricycles are a clear example of baby toys with assured success .

There are many kinds.  Evolutionary tricycles , for example, adapt to your baby and will accompany them for a long time. And with this type of toy you will not only develop the coordination of their arms and legs , but they can also socialise with the rest of the children.

Have you heard of ride-ons?

A ride-on is a perfect option for those children who are just starting to take their first steps. They will gain independence whilst being protected against any knocks.

And the ride-ons are full of toys. So they can enjoy this experience in a much more fun way. With this type of toy, they will improve their physical abilities. They will be better prepared for when they start walking on their own.

Recommendations for maximum enjoyment and minimal risk

Not only are there many baby toys to choose from. Each type of toy also has infinite possibilities. Therefore, here are some essential recommendations to keep in mind with baby toys:

  • They have to comply with all legal and safety requirements. Look for those that have quality and safety seals. It is always best to prevent than to cure!
  • Think about the child’s age before buying a toy. It is not worth buying a baby gym for an older child or a ride-on for a newborn.
  • Find toys that are fun and educational at the same time. It is important to offer babies different types of toys. Over time, they will develop their own tastes.

We hope that this guide of baby toys has been super useful. Do you already know which one will be the first? There is a lot to choose from, so before you buy remember all the tips that we have told you.

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