The best baby strollers of 2019. Would you like to know them?

Are you looking for the best baby strollers of 2019? When a new and long-awaited family member arrives, the same question always raises. Which baby buggy would be the most suitable? The fact is that nowadays a wide variety of prams can be found. Baby strollers are lighter and lighter, easy to manage and versatile. But, above all, they are designed for your child’s comfort as well as yours. For twins, folding, adjustable, padded and breathable seat. Whatever is your need, in this post you’ll find what your ideal tricycle should be like.

Before choosing the best baby buggy of 2019, it’s essential to be well informed. In other words, the pram will be one of the most important purchases you make. Why? Because you are going to use it almost every day and for several years. Therefore, you need to be sure that the rides with your little one don’t lack anything.

Find out the features of the best baby strollers of 2019

Would you like to find the best baby stroller of 2019? Pay attention! Because we will be sharing with you all characteristics a baby buggy should have so that your walks with your baby are full of amazing adventures. It’s time to write down all these features!

Evolving baby strollers

Have you ever heard about evolving baby strollers? So, evolving tricycles are the most comfortable and versatile baby buggies in the market. In fact, they’re designed to grow with your baby while accompanying them through their early stages. And more importantly, by adding or removing parts or pieces from your tricycle, in only some seconds you will be able to convert a one-year-old baby tricycle into one for one-year-olds; or even, for 3-year-old children. Amazing, isn’t it?

And, what’s more! Evolving tricycles are advancing steadily, adding improvements and ever-better designs. What do you think about it?

Folding baby strollers for babies

Even if you find it hard to believe, being foldable is one of the best features a baby buggy should have. Guess why? Because it will be very easy to store it at home when not using it. In addition, when you prefer to take the pram with you, a folding baby stroller can be quickly folded while taking up little space in the car. Isn’t that a key quality for the best baby strollers of 2019?

With this in mind, our best evolving tricycle, QPlay Rito, will be without doubt a very good adventure companion. Its working system is really simple and it can be fold up in just 15 seconds. Are you surprised? Well, we still have a lot more to tell you!

Best baby strollers of 2019

Reclining and rotating baby strollers

Is your little one always sleeping when you both go for a walk? Then, reclining baby strollers are perfect for them! In other words, if your child likes taking short naps during your morning walks, definitely the best pram is a reclining one. This will ensure that your kid is comfortable and, above all, safe.  

Moreover, if you like to watch them while having a nap, a rotating stroller will become the best option for you. Indeed, these kind of tricycles are perfect for keeping your little one one under control at any time.

Would you like to know which tricycle meets these two unbeatable characteristics? Our most complete QPlay Prime tricycle. It has got a 360º reclining and rotating seat, an adjustable push bar, a padded seat, UV-protected canopy and, even, a tipper with a closable bag where to store all your baby’s toys. What more could you ask for?

The most complete baby buggy

Do you have two kids? So, you certainly need a two-in-one tricycle!

Did you think that because you had two kids you wouldn’t be able to enjoy a fashionable and comfortable baby buggy? Then, let me tell you that baby prams for twins are made for you. There’s no better choice to take your two children in the same buggy having the same safety, comfort and style.

Do you know QPlay Giro tricycle for babies? It’s an evolving tricycle for twins. That means it has got two seats but each of them has its own extendable canopy with UV protection. And best of all! When your kids are ready to discover the world as a team and on their own, they’ll have a super cool tandem tricycle. They will simply love it!

QPlay Giro, a tricycle for twins

Safety goes first!

Baby strollers safety is by far the most important feature. Therefore, when you go for a walk with your baby, make sure your buggy has all the safety features are needed. We’re talking about a seat belt, an extendable canopy with UV protection, anti-slip pedals or braking system on the wheels.

In case you didn’t know, all QPlay evolving tricycles have the most advanced safety systems. For us, safety goes first.

You already know the best baby strollers of 2019! Have you chosen yours yet?

Now you are aware of the features a baby stroller should have, are you ready to make a choice? We’d love to know if we succeeded in solving all your doubts. In case of further questions, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment! We will be happy to inform you about the best 2019 baby stroller to choose.

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