What gift does a one year old baby want? Find out!

Christmas is coming! And along with this period of time it also may come every year’s question, what will be the most appropriate one year old baby gift? For this reason, in this post we will see which sort of baby gifts are not only the best but also the most original ones for 1-year-olds. But first, let’s talk about the development of babies during their first year to find out which toy can be the most suitable one. Are you going to miss it? Let’s get started.

One year old baby gift: what to keep in mind when buying

Have you ever thought about how important toys are in the early years of infants? The best toys for young children involve their senses, make them use their imagination and also motivate them to interact with others. That means toys will help them discover and develop their fundamental skills. Do you want to know what we are talking about? Then, keep reading!

One year old baby gifts that involve their senses

Babies should start using their senses from an early age. And, without a doubt, playing is the best way to do it! For instance, by baby sensory stimulation we can try to work on the development of their main senses. Yet, do you know what they are?

Let’s talk about the sense of touch first. You will find many toys with different fabrics and roughness for your baby to discover new textures. As far as the sense of hearing is concerned, there are toys with bells and accessories that make noise with movement. The sense of sight, on the other hand, is stimulated by everything around the baby, especially when they recognize familiar faces. Children smell sense is also very important when infants are looking for their mother. And finally, the sense of taste, which develops with the flavors of breast milk.

Some other ideas to stimulate baby’s senses are lactation necklaces, rattles made of natural materials, baby booties or colorful finger puppets.

Rattles for one year old baby gift

Toys to develop cognitive and psychomotor skills

Do you know what cognitive skills involve? Memorization, problem solving and learning basic concepts. Those abilities are crucial for children to start learning basic notions like colors or numbers.

In this sense, button puzzles for children are really interesting toys. They are particularly designed so that your little one can easily grasp the pieces with their little hands. In fact, they’ll help them start finding the difference between basic colours and shapes. Do you like the idea, don’t you?

Moreover, there are also toys that can be stacked like bucket towers and ring pyramids. Very interesting alternatives, too!

Best one-year-old baby gifts

Gifts for babies to develop their motor skills

It is recommended that very young children develop their muscle skills and balance while exploring the environment. They tend to play with every toy in order to move the main parts of their bodies, including fingers, legs, and hands.

In this sense, an evolving tricycle would be the best toy for your toddler. Do you know why? Because it will allow them to develop both their coordination and muscles. And what’s more!, your baby will have a great time with this sort of tricycles.

The best gift for a one-year-old baby

The best one year baby gift for Christmas

What if, in addition to helping baby’s development, we make a gift that also involves their parents or a present that is very original? Here are some ideas for one year baby gifts at Christmas. Write down all the details!

Sharing an experience with mom and dad

Christmas is just around the corner. Lights on the streets, snow falling and Christmas carols everywhere. How about a gift that also involves an unforgettable experience for mom and dad? From a photo shoot all family together to a mini getaway. It’s your choice!

A completely personalized gift

What if a common present you make totally yours? We already know that baby’s parents have everything. Pacifiers, clothes, stuffed animals. Yet, you just have to find the way to make your gift special. A personalized gift is a detail that not everyone thinks about. It’s also something that makes a difference. How about a baby pacifier decorated in a special way or clothes made by you. And these are just a few examples. Baby’s parents will be delighted!

What one-year-old baby gift would you choose? Tell us about it!

So, now that you know some nice gifts for one-year-old babies, what are you waiting to get yours? Get ahead of Christmas and buy in advance the best one year old baby gift!

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