How do you get a baby to sleep? Let us tell you our secret!

How do you get a baby to sleep? Every baby is different and the matter of sleep varies from baby to baby too. According to paediatric studies, babies sleep 15-16 hours a day. Yes, you read that correctly. Obviously, they don’t do this in one continuous block, instead they sleep at intervals. Do you know why? A baby’s sleep cycles have not yet been established and he or she needs to adapt to their new environment, outside the mother’s womb.

During hot months, your baby may be less inclined to sleep but don’t worry. With a little time, love and by following the advice offered in this post your baby will soon be heading off to the Land of Nod.

How do you get a baby to sleep

How to get a baby to sleep: follow our advice!

We know how it feels to be kept awake, night after night, because your baby keeps crying. For this reason, we’re offering our best advice on how to get a baby to sleep so you can kiss goodbye to sleepless nights. That’s right. Pay attention, put our advice into practice and tell us if it worked. Let’s begin!

Everyone loves a relaxing bath

And your baby even more so. Just think: if baby sleeps well, mum and dad will too. A bath is a special moment as it strengthens the bond you share with your baby. He or she will feel your hands, touch and caresses on their body, which will help them relax.

Establishing a routine will also help your baby to associate certain moments with sleep, and consequently learn to fall asleep easily.

A soft, gentle massage

We know you’ve already tried this. It’s impossible to hold your baby in your arms and not touch his or her soft, perfect skin and see how he or she loves a massage from mum and dad. If you like, you can use cream so you don’t rub too hard. Choose one that’s gentle on the skin and which has a pleasant scent.

Furthermore, this activity will help you to relax and feel happy too.

help your baby to sleep

Pyjamas as light as a feather

Maybe we’ve gone a bit too far but everything surrounding our babies must be soft and light. In particular, pyjamas should be made of organic cotton as not all types of cotton are a natural option that’s gentle to the skin and respectful of the environment.

Cotton pyjamas are the ideal item of clothing when it comes to continuing bedtime preparations. Additionally, they offer your baby comfort, flexibility and breathability.

Cot time

It’s time to place your baby in his or her cot. Before doing so, check that the bedding is suitable for the present weather. Remember, your baby will not be more protected by more layers.

Bear in mind that your baby may get hot if you wrap him or her up more. Try to ventilate the room beforehand, or leave a window in another room in the house open. That way, the air will circulate and fresh air can enter his or her room.

Suitable music for your baby

Your voice – singing lullabies or nursery rhymes that people used to sing to you – will help calm your baby. You can also play relaxing music on your mobile phone. Your baby’s eyes will start to close in a question of minutes.

If you place a soft toy beside your baby he or she will feel more at ease. If your baby wakes up, which we’re sure they will, they’ll have a friend to accompany them while reinforcements arrive.

Suitable music for babies

Now it’s time to sleep!

Now it’s time to rest after the exciting day you’ve shared with your baby. Tomorrow is another day. We hope we’ve helped you with this advice on how to get a baby to sleep. You can share any advice that works for you in the comments and help ensure that all babies sleep better. Sweet dreams!

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