How to do baby massages. Find out all the benefits!

Baby massages provide a multitude of benefits for both mother and children. In addition to relaxing infants while giving them a pleasant feeling, they can relieve the most common disorders. Have you ever heard of colic in babies? They are small pains during the first months of the baby’s life. Surely you already know what we are talking about. Colic in babies is characterized by an intense and long cry without visible reason. However, by doing simple colic massages for babies you can relieve their pain and stop their cry. Would you like to know how?

In this article you are going to find out what the benefits we are talking about are. But also the best massage techniques and their time length- you and your baby will notice for sure!

Colic in babies

How to massage for the baby’s colic?

Massages are a perfect way for mom to connect with her baby. When carried out, they convey affection and tenderness that increase the maternal bond. Furthermore, by massaging the baby experiences a sense of well-being that goes beyond any physical feeling.

But, what is the best way to do baby massages? Pay attention because here you’ll find the best techniques to massage infants!

Massage their belly and fold their legs.

Massage their belly clockwise. We’re sure your baby will love it. If so, keep doing it. As for massage length, it will be your little one who will mark it for you. If you notice that they start to move and are not comfortable, continue at another time. Remember, your little one is in charge all the time!

Si todavía sigue con ganas de más, coge sus pies y ayúdale a doblar sus rodillas llevándolas a la altura de la tripa. Con esta postura, te recomendamos que presiones sus piernas muy suavemente junto con ligeros movimientos circulares. Aguanta unos segundos así y, a continuación, estira sus piernas. Puedes repetirlo tantas veces como él quiera. De esta forma, conseguirás activar su circulación.

If your baby still wants more, grab their feet and help them bend their knees by bringing them up. With this posture, we recommend that you press his legs very gently together with slight circular movements. Hold for a few seconds in this posture and then stretch their legs. You can repeat it as many times as you want. In this way, you will be able to activate their circulation.

Massage their legs

Massage with the palm of your hand

Starting at their belly button, massage with the palm of your hand, sliding it towards their legs while doing a light pressure.

Go a little further! Bend their little leg, taking one of your baby’s feet. Do the same process with the other leg. When you do it once with each leg, do it with both legs at the same time. It’s very simple!

Massage your baby’s belly with light pressure

This time do it with your thumbs! Place your thumbs on each side of the belly button. Press lightly while sliding both at the same time towards the sides of the belly.

It’s important that you make the movements from the left end of your little one’s belly to the right side while making a semicircle. This way, you follow the direction of the intestine and help your infant with those ases so annoying.

Benefits of infant massages

Baby massages have many benefits, both for the infants and for you. This kind of exercises helps to regulate and strengthen respiratory, circulatory and gastrointestinal functions. By stimulating your little one by a massage, you’ll be able to regulate the discomfort caused by colic, gas and even uncomfortable constipation.

I’m sure you’re thinking of that time when your little one didn’t stop crying and you didn’t know why. So, here’s the answer! Massages will help your baby relax and reduce stress. No, we aren’t wrong! Infants might suffer from stress due to the appearance of new things to know. There are many new things to discover!

Apart from that, there is no better way to increase maternal bonding than through direct contact with your child’s skin. Massages help intensify emotional communication between the baby and everyone around them.

By massaging your little one, you are stimulating their immune system, which leads to a better development of the nervous system. And, of course, we can’t forget the improvement that parents notice, because the baby will have a calmer and deeper sleep. Thanks to this, the nights will be much more pleasant for you and your partner. Did you imagine?

Relax your baby with massages

What’s your best technique for massaging your little one? Tell us about it!

Now you already know our best techniques and some of the many advantages you get with baby massages. But, we would like to know the tactics you use with your little one! In this way, together we will create a guide to be prepared when the youngest member of the family starts to move. At QPlay we are always happy help you!

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