5 ideas to enjoy a family Christmas to the fullest

Christmas is coming! It’s time for colourful lights everywhere, gifts and Christmas ornaments. But, above all, it’s time for family Christmas gatherings!

Sometimes, arranging meals, buying Christmas presents for the family and, even, the children holidays can be so stressful. That’s why we want to share with you some of our best ideas to enjoy Christmas time with your family to the fullest, leave the stress away and turn all your family activities into memorable moments. Are you ready for our tips?

Work on the family Christmas at home

Kids have great time creating a Christmas atmosphere at home. In fact, it’s a very special ritual and perfect for the whole family. Listen to your children’s decorative ideas. You know that kids’ creativity has no limits. Yet, make sure you organize this in advance and when they aren’t tired. Otherwise, you may feel stressed.

Our suggestion is to create your own Christmas ornaments. The aim is to have a good time all family together at Christmas, isn’t it? And use materials you already have at your place. You’ll only need a little imagination. There is no one better than the little ones to propose incredible ideas. Remember that the most important thing is not the final result, but the process. That’s to say, the moment shared all family together.

What do you think about decorating home while listening Christmas carols for children? You will sing, laugh and dance while living a wonderful family moment.

Family Christmas decoration

Wish a Merry Christmas in an original way to your family and friends

With the rise of new technologies, personalized handmade Christmas cards for family and close friends is being lost. What don’t you make something different this year? Make a handwritten Christmas card for your closest people. In addition, your children will play and essential role in this do-it-yourself activity. Indeed, they will be in charge of adding the creative point to the Christmas wishes and messages.

Thanks to this, the boring task of sending nice and warm words will become a fun and entertaining family activity.

Writing the letter to the Three Wise Men

The letter to the Three King is the moment for which your children have been waiting for so long. That wonderful time of the year when they feel free to ask for every toy they would like to have. For them, this moment is like being in paradise! So, sit down together to write the letter and take part in that childish innocence that you love to see.

Suggest ideas to do on Christmas Eve or the night before January 6th. Leaving cookies under the tree or socks hanging from the chimney are some nice plans to spend Christmas with the family.

Family Christmas working together in the kitchen

Let your kid set the table for Christmas Eve, count New Year’s Eve 12 grapes or cut the Kings’ ring cake into pieces. It’s the best way to get your children involved in Christmas arrangements. And, most importantly, your kids will feel so special being able to help you!

What about making cookies to leave them under the Christmas tree? So, Santa or the Three Wise Men will be more likely to visit your home and eat those delicious cookies you made!

Cook Christmas biscuits for the family

Visiting Christmas markets

The atmosphere which is created at Christmas is wonderful. What about spending one day walking through Christmas markets with your family? At this time of the year, streets are filled with beautiful Christmas lights and markets. Moreover, small brands and many artisans sell their products personally. This means having a nice opportunity to find out new and original products. And, what’s more! Your kid will discover the value of handcrafted items.

Family Christmas visiting Christmas markets

Family Christmas, any plan is good if you do it together

We are sure you already have lots of ideas to spend Christmas with your family. So, what are you waiting for to put them into practice? We’d love to hear about your best family plans. Start enjoying family Christmas as soon as possible!

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