Are you looking for a super folding baby stroller?

Finding a comfortable and folding baby stroller is one of the most essential requirements for many parents. In fact, most of them need a baby buggy versatile, easy to handle and quick to store when going for a walk or on a trip. So, if you still don’t know it, QPlay Rito evolving tricycle meets all those needs.

QPlay Rito, an awesome folding baby tricycle

Do you still don’t know the amazing folding baby tricycle QPlay Rito? Design, quality and comfort are the values that best define this evolving tricycle. Then, let’s see all its features and advantages more in detail.

A smart design! 

You already bought all baby’s accessories. Yet, you still have to make the most important decision, don’t you? We’re sure you wondered hundreds of times about the perfect folding baby stroller. At QPlay we have a wide range of super-folding baby tricycles. In addition, the QPlay Rito model provides the greatest comfort for both parents and infants. Moreover, this evolving tricycle is available in a great number of colors such as blue, grey, dark purple, black and red. Then, what are you waiting for? Choose your favorite color and combine it with the rest of your little one’s accessories.

Super folding baby stroller

Lightweight tricycle! 

If you are worried about buying a folding baby stroller which is heavy and hard to handle, this won’t be the case! Weighing only ten kilos, QPlay Rito Tricycle is the best choice if you are looking for the lightest folding baby buggies on the market. Its materials are made to support up to 25kg. In addition, the tricycle has got a lower tray so dynamic that you will be able to put your baby’s bag or your personal belongings on it. This way, you’ll forget about carrying extra weight.

Baby stroller very easy to fold

Easy to fold, in only 15 seconds!

One of the main features that make Qplay Rito a special evolving tricycle is its very easy folding system. That means you can folded in only 15 seconds. This way you are able to comfortably take it with you anywhere or store it very quickly at home if you are not using it. On the other hand, it takes up only a minimal amount of space. Are you surprised, aren’t you? Well, there’s still more.

Comfort, a pleasant sleep for our baby

QPlay Rito, besides being the best alternative if you are looking for a collapsible baby carriage, is very comfortable. Above all, its reclining backrest will make your baby fall asleep during your walk. Furthermore, your little one will be protected from the sun thanks to the breathable, extendable and removable fabric hood that this evolving tricycle has got. Your infant will fall asleep within minutes.

QPlay Rito includes a 5-point seatbelt which is padded and breathable, just like the seat and backrest. The footrest is removable, which means you will only need to adjust it in order to to make your baby feel as comfortable as possible. However, this tricycle is not only comfy for the child. Parents will try how easy it’s to carry it because of its ergonomic and height adjustable push bar. Isn’t that great?

Safety, the peace of mind you’ve looking for!

The anti-slip pedals stand out among the safety features of this tricycle. Very useful so that your baby doesn’t slip when cycling, as well as to avoid possible falls. QPlay Rito includes a braking system on the back wheels in order parents don’t lose control of the tricycle. Furthermore, these wheels are very silent so any annoying noise will be avoided when our little one is moving around with it. This advantage will also allow parents to be more relaxed at home.

Collapsible baby stroller

And now you know all the characteristics of our evolving tricycle QPlay Rito, do you have any questions?

Now that you are aware of all the qualities of this folding baby tricycle, we’d love to know if we’ve answered your questions. In case of further doubts, don’t hesitate to reach us. Make us a question and leave it in the comments space. We’ll be happy to answer.

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