Toys and games for babies: discover the best ones!

Toys and games are a child’s best friends! Although they simply seem fun, childhood specialists insist on the importance of toys and games for babies in their development.

As we know parents are often concerned about their children growing up healthy, strong and happy, we’re offering you a guide containing advice and detailing some of the best toys and games for babies that will strengthen their physical and intellectual skills.

Psychological and physical benefits of toys and games for babies

Do you know what benefits toys and games can offer your little tyke? Here are just a few!

  • Playing should be enjoyable. If children perceive it as something positive, it will spark in them an inquisitiveness and skills that will allow them to discover what they like most.
  • It promotes creativity as children themselves must often be the ones to find possible solutions to how to use a toy or different applications of the game. Leaving them to think freely, while accompanied by parents, will mean they can learn skills that will be extremely useful to them throughout their lives.
  • Outdoor play provides defences that their bodies’ need while also improving their breathing and strengthening their lungs, among many other benefits.

These benefits, and many others, have grabbed the attention of experts, teachers and especially parents. What do you think?

Benefits of toys and games for babies

A toy or game for every stage

When hearing the words “toys” or “games”, people don’t often make distinctions between the types that exist. However, you should know that there is a toy or game (or several) for each age group, as many are not suitable or safe for younger children.

You should bear in mind that each toy or game involves skills that will improve children’s psychomotor development. Read on to find out what we mean.

Physical development

During a child’s first stages of life, their physical development must be encouraged as much as possible. Why? Because his or her body is not yet completely formed and toys and games for babies are great allies as far as strengthening their muscles is concerned.

Children are constantly on the go, and this helps their organs to finish forming and it helps them to fall asleep easily at night.

Social development

Playing is children’s universal language. It’s their way of interacting with the world. It doesn’t matter if a group of children don’t speak the same language, or have never met before: they’ll always have a good time playing together.

Toys and games teach them to improve their camaraderie values, such as problem solving and even creativity.

Intellectual development

When playing, a child’s brain is activated and it starts to create, to seek solutions, to show their personality, their preferences and much more. Many toys and games for babies that include colours, shapes, letters and numbers are great in this regard.

It is important that these toys and games spark children’s interest and that the child is the person looking to play. This way, it will be much easier for them to continue to play and grow at the same time.

Which toys and games for babies help their development?

Now you know how important playing is, we’ve selected a few toys and games that your children will love, and they also help them strengthen their body and mind. Take note!

A ball pit with soft balls

With this toy, kids can dive into a sea of colours and shapes that will help them strengthen their legs, which they’ll need to move around the ball pit. Furthermore, they’ll need to use their sense of sight, touch and hearing.

This all helps improve their balance and coordination. Laughter reinforces their confidence and self-esteem. What more could you need?

A ball pit with soft balls

Musical toys

Music is therapeutic, fun and creative. There are tons of options but the most popular are the guitar, piano, xylophone and a classic wooden drum.

The benefits of music include improved body language, self-esteem and sense of rhythm. There are studies that show babies who grow up with music are more mentally agile than those who do not listen to music during the first stages of life.

Traditional toys and games

Classic toys and games! If they made you happy, they’re sure to make your children happy too. They are some of the most simple but they’re really fun and happiness is assured. You’re bound to remember skipping, playing with a ball, hopscotch and hide-and-seek. What was your favourite?

Blocks with different shapes and colours

This toy is perfect for babies and children who are a little older. They find it amazing being able to build all kinds of structures, seeing different shapes and thinking how to stack them on top of each other. They’re so much fun!

Blocks strengthen a child’s hands and allow him or her to start discovering the strength they have. There are many versions of this toy, such as puzzle cubes, some with numbers, and others with letters, which you can start introducing as your child grows.

Blocks with different shapes and colours

Playing is also beneficial for parents

Did you know that? Playing with your children is good for you too. It reinforces family bonds and some of your children’s happiest memories will be in your company.

Your child will also guide you in your task as a father or mother as he or she provides constant lessons, letting you enter their world and really discover what they’re like in their comfort zone. Playing helps combat the stress related to adult responsibilities.

As you can see, the world of toys and games is like a magic box: it’s always full of surprises. Choose your favourite toy or game and make sure you spend some time playing as a family. You’ll improve your bond and relationship.

Playing is also beneficial for parents

What toys and games for babies do you play with your little one? Let us know!

We’re sure there’s an essential toy or game in your family that guarantees some fun together.

What were your favourite toys or games when you were little? What memories do you have playing with your parents? We’d love to hear about them so let us know in the comments!

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