What to carry in a baby bag? The 6 must-haves

What to carry in a baby bag? That’s the question many parents ask themselves when they leave home with their little ones. In other words, store all items a baby might need in a toiletry bag can be a real puzzle. That’s why we would like to share with you some of the must-haves a baby bag should always keep inside.

The 6 must-haves you should always carry in a baby bag

Are you ready to know those things that can’t be missing in a baby bag toiletry? Here we go!

What to carry in a baby bag?

Nappies, there’s never enough

Nappies must be taken with us in case of need. The best is to take one nappy for every hour you think you’re going to be far from home. Four should be enough. However, if you feel more comfortable taking more than four with you, don’t worry! Nappies can be easily folded in the baby’s bag. So, take as many nappies as you think your baby might need.

A spare pacifier

The pacifier is probably babies’ best friend. In fact, it helps most babies relax. That’s why parents usually have an extra paficier in case the usual one falls down or gets lost. If this happened, remember that the best option would be to replace it and disinfect the dirty pacifier as soon as you got home. In this way, we should our baby happy and healthy with their best friend.

A spare pacifier, a must-have in a baby bag

Baby butt cream

You shouldn’t forget to take with you some baby butt cream in order to prevent any diaper rash. This is s a common skin irritation that’s typically triggered by a combination of moisture, air, friction from the baby diapers, and irritants that might have been caused by poop, pee and even the ingredients in nappies or bath products.

Some food to snack on

You certainly can’t leave home without taking some food for your little one. Especially if you plan to spend several hours outdoors. For that reason, you must consider the right amount of food you could need. So, arrange your walk or outing depending on your baby’s feeding schedule. This way we’ll be able to better estimate the number of small amounts of food and drink that our little one might need.

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Wet wipes are a must!

Wet wipes are very practical, so much so that you use them very often. That’s why we can say that they are suitable for both babies and parents. Wet wipes are particularly made to take care of baby’s’ delicate skin. For that, we can use them to clean their faces, hands and also use them as a handkerchief to dry their tears or remove small stains on their clothes.

Diaper changing mat

The diaper changing mat is a very comfortable item that takes up very little space. It can be easily folded up when getting ready the baby’s bag. This baby essential allows parents to change their children safely and hygienically wherever they are. Perfect, isn’t it?

What are the essentials you always carry in a baby bag? Tell us!

We’ve already told you which are some of the must-haves that a baby’s bag should always have inside. But, now is your turn. It’s time to share your opinion. Is there any item you always take with you before leaving home with your little one? We would like to know your opinion. So, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment. As a result, we will be able to build together the best manual on what to carry in a baby bag.

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