What clothing does a baby need in summer?

Are you wondering what summer clothes to get for your baby? You can stop wondering! Here we offer our best advice on the perfect summer clothes for your little one, with comfort one of the essential factors, among others. Summer clothes should allow babies to move about easily and comfortably. Want to find out more? Read on!

Advice on babies’ summer clothing

The summer months are just around the corner. For this reason people often ask, “What clothes should I dress my baby in?” Don’t worry! It’s completely normal. Here are some pieces of advice and ideas that will answer your questions. Let’s start!

Pay attention to the fabric

The fabric used to make your baby’s clothing is a very important point to consider. Do you know why? Every fabric offers different sensations. We recommend you forget about denim items and, in general, those that are stiffer. This type of fabric hinders your little one’s movement and is much warmer.

What’s the best fabric for babies’ summer clothes? The answer is simple: cotton! The lighter the better. Cotton is a breathable material that isn’t excessively hot for your child. Additionally, it’s perfect for avoiding chaffing and is the textile that produces the least allergies in newborns.

It’s important your child’s head and feet are covered as these are the first areas of the body to get cold. You can start with full-body baby grows and, little by little, remove clothing covering certain parts of the body. Keep a close eye on your child to see what they require!

Baby cotton clothes

Lose the tight baby clothes

Closely related to the aforementioned, you should remember to avoid dressing your child in clothing that is too tight. Babies grow quickly so you need to make sure their clothes aren’t too small.

The best thing to do is buy sizes that are a little bigger than those you actually use! By doing so, you’ll avoid possible chaffing and, more importantly, your baby won’t be too hot! The tighter the item, the less breathable it is.

Get rid of the accessories in your child’s wardrobe

Are you a first-time parent? We know it’s tempting to dress your child in accessories, like bows and other hair items, but we suggest you wait until they are a little older.

Stop and think about it for a moment. Many babies take a long time to get used to wearing clothes, meaning adding accessories can make them more uncomfortable.

When we refer to accessories these include socks and shoes. What’s the best thing to do? If your child still isn’t walking we recommend you dress them in socks but no shoes. However, remember they should be made from cotton! The important thing is to protect their feet from the dirt found outside.

If your baby is already on the move, you should dress them in suitable footwear that is as comfortable as possible.

Get rid of the accessories in your child’s wardrobe

Head protection is essential

Babies’ skin is very sensitive to the sun, meaning special care must be taken when heading out during the day. Even more so in summer!

What can you put on them to protect them from the sun? There are tons of options! Hats or caps with designs of their favourite characters… Any option is good. Make sure these items aren’t made of materials that will be too warm, like wool. If you can’t get your child to wear a hat, choose a pram that has a hood with UV protection!

Despite using sun cream, try to avoid the hottest points of the day when the sun’s rays are strongest and always take a bottle of cold water with you.

Baby clothes in summer

Do you have any other recommendations on what summer clothing your baby should wear? Let us know!

What are your best recommendations for dressing your little one during the hottest period of the year? We love to learn new things! Together we can compile the best guide to ensure our children are comfortable in summer. Leave us a comment!

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