What will my baby look like? Apps and some science to predict it

When pregnancy arrives the same question always arises: what will my baby look like? Nowadays, it is easier to know it since technology helps to see all the possible gene combinations. We may want to know what color baby’s eyes will be. In fact, there are apps which show a mixture of both parent’s facial features. Although no current application guarantees the final result, why not try? Laughter will be assured.

In this post we are going to share with you some of the most used apps to predict what your baby will look like and the features they might have. In addition, we will also talk about some genetic clues that may indicate if a baby will have certain characteristics or others. Let’s get started!

What will my baby look like?

Apps to find out what your baby will look like

Let’s take a look at two of the most popular mobile apps used by moms and dads. So, you can get an idea of what your future baby will look like. Don’t miss any detail.

Future baby’s face: get baby pics during pregnancy

If you are wondering, what will my baby look like?, the free app named  Future baby’s face from Minoru Studio is perfect for you! This app includes a feature using an advanced algorithm to detect not only baby’s face but also their skin, hair and eyes.

Its mechanism is very simple. You only have to upload one picture of yourself and another of your partner by using your mobile phone. Then, this app will create different possible combinations according to your faces. Next, it will up to you to choose which one you keep.

As you can see, it’s very easy to use. Plus, you will have a great time with your partner and friends by sharing the results on your social networks like Facebook or Twitter.

Baby Maker: predicts baby face 

If you feel like seeing further results, this app is for you! Baby Maker also predicts your baby’s face features and it’s very similar to Futures Baby’s face app. The procedure is the same as before. Upload a picture of you both so that the app generates a picture of what your baby will look like. Can you imagine that?

Moreover, you will be able to choose the baby age so their face will vary depending on the number of months you select. Don´t you think it is unbelievable?

Apps to find out what your baby will look like

Genetic keys for your future baby

When a couple is given the happy news, that they will become parents in a few months, they start wondering lots of questions. The first question to arise is: what will my baby look like? A girl or a boy? What will their nose or mouth look like? Who will they look more like?

Well, It’s time to pay attention! Find out below some important details about that genetic info a baby inherits.  

It is very difficult to answer all the questions correctly as there are many factors involved. How many possible combinations of DNA can take place? Over 70 billion. That means you and your partner might have up to 70 billion different children! Can you imagine that?

How do your genes influence your baby’s features?

Wondering why your baby looks more like you or more like the dad? The answer is: chromosomes. They are the only ones in charge of creating life. In fact, the genes you hear so much about are in the chromosomes. When chromosomes are joined together because of reproduction, they will combine to create a genetically unique human being. That’s to say, your baby.

On the other hand, as your baby develops, some of the cells, as your baby develops, some of the cells which make up the chromosomes will develop more than others. Thus, your baby will definitely be a mystery until it’s born!

Predict baby's face

What is inherited from the mother? And from the father?

Even if we want to hide it, when you are about to have a baby you would like to know what has inherited from the mom and what from the dad. However, as we said before, it is really difficult to know this in advance.

In this sense, several studies reveal that children normally inherit from their mothers their body weight, while their height is acquired from fathers. Yet, this is just one of many other factors. It will also depend on your baby’s diet and the environmental circumstances surrounding their growth.

According to several studies, mothers transmit genetics related to intelligence. Nevertheless, if we only focus on genetic inheritance, a recent conclusion indicates that mammals use more DNA from their fathers, even though we collect the same amount of mutations from both parents. It’s very interesting, isn’t it?

Who will my baby look more like?

Now you already know what apps exist to find out what your baby will look like, what are you waiting for? Try them out!

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