When do babies crawl? Find out this and more!

It’s a question that most first-time parents wonder. When do babies crawl? Crawling is the way a baby moves around on its own. At this stage of life, and until they take their first steps, babies develop a number of skills to get their mobility up and running. If you would like to find out when a baby starts crawling and says their first words, keep an eye on this post!

When do babies crawl? No all babies go through this stage!

Babies begin crawling during their first year old. In general, most infants begin crawling between six and ten months old.

Before starting to crawl, babies learn to sit on their own without any support. Their next step is to sit on all fours. From this moment on, the baby will be ready to run around the house.

However, not all toddlers live this babyhood period. Some of them even begin walking without having moved on hands and knees previously. In addition, crawling makes the babies’ brain, physical and cognitive skills stronger. That’s why it’s so important to use a variety of tools in order to stimulate their ability to move.

when do babies crawl?

Tools that encourage infant’s mobility to start to crawl

Pay attention because here are some tips to help you know at what age babies begin to go on all fours. Let’s start!

Place their favourite toys in front and away from them

One way to make our little crawl is to place their favorite toys away from them. Leave them far enough away so that they are able to see them and decide to move in order to catch them. Furthermore, this is one of the most effective tactics or tools to awaken the baby’s interest in getting their favorite toys back. Every metre your baby moves forward will become a new corner home to discover.

at what age do babies start crawling?

Small obstacles, an overcoming test! 

Placing different obstacles around the house, such as pillows or blankets that prevent your child from passing by, will make their mind development stronger since they will have to think and learn how to avoid them. Although it is an exercise that we should let them do independently, for your little one it will be like another game. This will give your infant the security and confidence they need to start walking.

Playing the tag game, this is fun! 

Parents can also take part in their babies games, besides this will help and motivate them to crawl. One of them would be the tag game in which parents moving on hands and knees make their kids to imitate them and trying to catch them. This activity is a very funny one that will surely provoke a lot of laughter at home.

when a baby begins going on all fours

Now that we found out when babies crawl

It’s time for babies to start walking! Once we know at what age babies crawl, it’s just a matter of time until our little one decides to take their first steps or even start talking. In the meantime, parents can think of activities to stimulate their movement and wait patiently for them to take effect.

And now, we’d love to know what games you’re planning to play with your little one. We want to add them to our list. Just tell us! In this way, we will solve all together the doubts of many first-time parents.

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