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QPlay Prime Bag



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If you have a QPlay Prime tricycle, the most complete one of our collection, you can’t miss its handlebars bag which was particularly made for this model of evolving tricycle. It is a large bag, with four pockets inside, and fits perfectly with the tricycle handlebars. The two side pockets are narrower and can be used to store baby bottles or bottles. The third pocket has got a zipper to keep the most important things. The fourth pocket is the main and largest one. The QPlay Prime Bag has also an outside pocket, the fifth one, to have some things more easily available. Buy now this handlebar bag to match your Prime tricycle.


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Dark Grey


QPlay Rito Funcion Plegado

Función plegado y desplegado del triciclo evolutivo Rito QPlay

QPlay Rito - Montaje

Montaje del triciclo evolutivo Rito QPlay