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QPlay Rito Air Tricycle

If you are looking for a collapsible off-road evolving tricycle, QPlay Rito Pneumatic will be your best choice. It has inflatable pneumatic tyres that adapt to all surfaces and provide extra comfort for parents and babies.



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QPlay Rito Pneumatic has inflatable pneumatic tyres that will adapt to most terrains. Irregular pavement, curbs, loose soil…Rito Pneumatic can handle it all!  The pneumatic tyres absorb and soften all the bumps and cushion small irregularities in the terrain. This means that there is an extra level of safety for both tots and parents who will find the pneumatic tyres easier to handle and steer than a normal trike.

QPlay Rito Pneumatic is also a collapsible tricycle. In only 15 seconds you can unfold and fold it to keep it in the boot of the car or at home, as it takes up little space, you can store it almost anywhere quickly and easily.

So that the journeys are as comfortable as they should be, this evolving tricycle has a removable canopy with UV protection, reclining seat and telescopic push bar. Discover the features more closely, you will love them!

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Weight10.3 kg

Blue, Grey, Red


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